MS4 Street Sweeper



HiperWeb's MS4 Street Sweeper compliance module is built on your process and linked to your strategic initiatives. Track crews, total volume of materials swept, and total square footage of distance swept in real-time from HiperWeb's MS4 app. Generate a performance and assessment report at a moment's notice. In addition, print maps of routes previously swept for your compliance report. Interested in using the HiperWeb Enterprise Stormwater Module? Automatically link your street sweeping data with your stormwater asset management, pm scheduling, inspections, work orders, and customer requests for your Annual Stormwater Compliance report.

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Functions & Features

  • Mobile app tracks real-time distance
  • Easy to use Start and Stop time feature
  • Auto-calculate distances
  • Generate Street Sweeping Performance and Assessment Report
  • Track types of Sweeping areas such as parks or schools
  • Print or display maps of areas swept
  • Track curb miles and volumes of materials swept
  • Report distances by crew
  • Track EPS category and drainage type

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