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Hiperweb's AI integration revolutionizes the way municipalities and organizations handle their utility and maintenance operations. Our AI solutions are designed to improve the decision-making process, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs across a variety of services:


The AI module for sewer and wastewater management utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze CCTV footage and predict pipe deterioration. It also monitors and predicts overflow events based on past data and weather patterns, facilitating proactive maintenance of manholes, pipes, and treatment plants.

Water Distribution:

AI integration in water distribution systems can significantly minimize water loss by identifying and predicting pipeline leaks. It can also streamline the maintenance schedules for treatment plants, pump stations, and valves based on usage and historical data.


Hiperweb's AI-enhanced Stormwater module can predict potential structural issues before they become major problems, allowing for preventative maintenance. Additionally, the AI's ability to analyze weather data assists in compliance with NPDES by anticipating and planning for storm events.

Public Works:

In the realm of public works, AI integration assists in the inspection of signs according to MUTCD regulations and predicts the lifespan of pavement based on a variety of factors, such as weather, traffic volume, and past performance.

Solid Waste:

Hiperweb's AI functionality optimizes solid waste management by using predictive models for route planning, maximizing efficiency for both residential and commercial pickups. The system adapts to changes in pickup volume, traffic conditions, and other variables.

Fleet Maintenance:

For fleet maintenance, AI can predict vehicle lifecycle and maintenance needs based on usage patterns, operating conditions, and historical maintenance data. This helps in planning maintenance schedules and managing fleet costs.

Facility Maintenance:

AI algorithms can predict the maintenance needs of building infrastructures based on their lifecycle data, usage, and external conditions. This results in proactive maintenance and better facility management.

Parks Maintenance:

When it comes to park maintenance, AI can predict the lifecycle of infrastructure such as benches, playground equipment, and lighting based on usage patterns and environmental factors, ensuring that park facilities are safe and well-maintained.

With Hiperweb's AI integration, organizations can make data-driven decisions and take predictive, preventative measures, thus ensuring efficient and cost-effective operations across all services.

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Functions & Features

  • AI-Powered Predictive Maintenance Scheduling
  • Lifespan Prediction for Infrastructure
  • Real-Time Anomaly Detection
  • Leakage and Overflow Prediction in Water Systems
  • Proactive Weather-Based Planning for Stormwater
  • Smart Route Optimization for Solid Waste Collection
  • Predictive Fleet and Facility Maintenance Management
  • Data-Driven Park Maintenance
  • Efficient Asset Management with AI-Powered Insights
  • Intelligent CCTV Footage Analysis for Sewer/Wastewater
  • Predictive Analysis for Public Works Infrastructure
  • Customizable AI-Driven Dashboards
  • AI-Enabled Performance Metrics and KPIs
  • Enhanced Decision Making with Machine Learning
  • Integration with IoT Devices for Real-Time Data Collection
  • Advanced Data Security and Privacy