Mobile Workforce


HiperWeb's mobile workforce applications are powerful tools that empower field teams to work more efficiently, accurately, and collaboratively. Recognizing the necessity for instant data access, task management, and communication in the field, these applications break down the walls between on-site teams and office personnel.

Our mobile applications provide a wide spectrum of workforce needs and have been built with a strong focus on user experience. They are intuitive, robust, and most importantly, can operate in both online and offline modes. The latter is particularly beneficial in remote locations or during network disruptions, ensuring that your workforce remains productive at all times.

The capabilities of HiperWeb's mobile workforce applications go beyond simple data entry. They integrate seamlessly with the GIS system, enabling field workers to visualize, update, and interact with spatial data in real time. This integration allows them to pinpoint asset locations, understand their context, and even plan the best routes for site visits.

Moreover, the apps have been equipped with features such as real-time tracking, inspection management, and photo and video capture capabilities. The ability to instantly document and share visual proof helps in making informed decisions and streamlines the workflow.

For managers and supervisors, the applications offer an all-in-one dashboard where they can monitor tasks, workforce performance, and project progress. They can assign tasks, update work orders, and even manage resources right from the mobile application, keeping them connected with their teams, no matter where they are.

HiperWeb's mobile workforce applications are compatible with various mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, across Android and iOS platforms, including Windows. The applications can be easily customized to match your specific business requirements, making them an indispensable tool for your organization, regardless of its size or industry.

In sum, HiperWeb's mobile workforce applications are not just mobile extensions of your office, but are comprehensive digital toolboxes designed to make fieldwork more productive, communicative, and efficient.

General Functions and Features:

• Track key information on the go such as asset history and data, and maintenance requirements.
• Receive updates in real-time, allowing your crews to minimize time spent traveling to and from locations.
• Automate all field activities, from completing inspections to preventative and corrective maintenance.
• Link safety procedures and inspections to work orders helping your crews increase the quality of work.
• Simplify collection of information, improve data integrity and completeness of information, and drive more accurate and timely decisions.