Mobile Workforce

They promise. We show and deliver: Efficient Mobile Workforce.

HiperWeb's Mobile solution allows you to complete work outside the office thus eliminating paperwork and increasing productivity. Mobile compatibility ranges from the Android and Tablets to the iPhone and iPads. Integrate with any back-end system whether it's customer service or the meter-reading division. Track asset locations via GIS, create work orders, log inspections, and much more with HiperWeb Mobile

• Track key information on the go such as asset history and data, and maintenance requirements.
• Receive updates in real-time, allowing your crews to minimize time spent traveling to and from locations.
• Automate all field activities, from completing inspections to preventative and corrective maintenance.
• Link safety procedures and inspections to work orders helping your crews increase the quality of work.
• Simplify collection of information, improve data integrity and completeness of information, and drive more accurate and timely decisions.