Smart City Solution



Hiperweb's IoT and Smart City solution enables the transformation of your city or organization into an intelligent, connected organization. It serves as a central control panel, integrating a multitude of IoT devices and data sources, allowing you to analyze, manage, and make informed decisions. Our solution aligns with the concept of Smart Cities, facilitating interdepartmental data sharing, optimizing resources, improving operational efficiencies, and fostering innovation.

Our IoT-ready platform is designed to cater to various smart city domains such as transportation, environmental monitoring, utility management, public safety, and urban infrastructure. The integration with GIS helps visualize data geographically, offering an unparalleled understanding of your city's pulse in real-time.

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Functions & Features

  • Seamless IoT Device Integration
  • Real-Time Data Analysis & Management
  • ESRI GIS Integration for Geographic Data Visualization
  • Smart City Domain-Specific Customization
  • Interdepartmental Data Sharing
  • Resource Optimization & Operational Efficiency
  • Urban Infrastructure Management
  • Enhanced Public Safety Measures
  • Robust IoT Security Protocols
  • Integrated with Citizen Engagement
  • Scalable for Systems of Any Size
  • KPI/Metrics Dashboard
  • Customizable Reports and Dashboards
  • Efficient Task and Work Order Management
  • Streamlined Communication Features
  • Advanced Data Security and Privacy

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