Electric Utilities



The Electric Work Order and Inventory Management module in Hiperweb is a powerful tool specifically designed to optimize and streamline all aspects of utility management in the electric sector.

The Work Order component of the module ensures seamless planning, tracking, and execution of tasks and projects. It allows supervisors to manage work orders from creation to completion, ensuring that all jobs, from routine tasks to critical repairs, are performed efficiently and in a timely manner. The system also includes a powerful reporting feature, with dashboards that display real-time data and provide a clear overview of all work orders' statuses.

The Inventory Management component is a comprehensive tool for controlling, tracking, and auditing every aspect of your inventory process. This includes the ability to cost out pole assemblies on work orders, manage purchase orders, and track items from their entry into the warehouse until they are used in the field. It offers granular control over stock levels and ensures that all inventory-related operations are fully transparent and accountable.

Together, these two components form a robust module that supports all aspects of electric utility operations, from maintenance scheduling and work order execution to inventory control and reporting. Hiperweb's Electric Work Order and Inventory Management module is a reliable solution that guarantees efficiency and excellence in electric utility management.

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Functions & Features

  • Precision Inventory Control
  • Advanced Outage Reporting
  • Integrated GIS Mapping
  • Secure & Efficient Processes
  • Interactive Executive Dashboard
  • In-depth CMMS Workorder System
  • Powerful Analytics and Inspection
  • Mobile Compatibility (iOS & Android)