Work & Asset Management

They promise. We show and deliver: Three Clicks.

HiperWeb focuses on providing you with the latest technology to address your aging and sometimes deteriorating infrastructure. Pressure from the EPA to comply with regulations has grown, and our PSD development team works hard to stay up to date on the latest state and federal regulations. We stress the importance of knowing your assets. Knowing the miles of water, wastewater, and stormwater are just as important as knowing where these assets and infrastructure exist. With our three clicks approach, HiperWeb organizes your data in a way you can quickly know, assess, manage, and report any asset or assets with ease. Whether it's a consent order or it's in your strategic initiative to reduce combined sewer overflows and sanitary sewer overflows, HiperWeb helps set the foundation to achieve your objectives while continually improving your processes.

Our Principles:

  • Keep the city in compliance with water, wastewater, and stormwater state and federal regulations.
  • Maximize the life and capacity of your existing infrastructure laying the foundations for continuous maintenance efficiencies and improvements.
  • Provide immediate and accurate strategic reporting of operations from the executive high level down to the lowest level of detail as well as reporting for state, federal, and local regulations.
  • Develop and implement strategic preventive maintenance schedules and vision for your infrastructure.
  • Maintain, track, and streamline your Capital improvement plan.
  • Utilize full lifecycle cost analysis into asset planning and decision making.

Our Support:

The PSD support team also provides one-on-one support through the configuration process while pulling from our library of best management processes to fit your specific needs.