Water Distribution



Hiperweb's Water Utility Module is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution designed to optimize the management of water utility operations. With features such as real-time water loss tracking, integrated customer service systems, advanced preventative maintenance scheduling, water quality monitoring, and cross-connection violation tracking, this module ensures efficient, compliant, and eco-friendly water utility management. Fully compatible with iOS and Android devices, and offering seamless GIS mapping integration, it equips organizations with the tools needed to enhance accountability, streamline workflows, and maintain the highest safety and quality standards.

  • Enhance accountability with mobile water loss tracking and seamless reporting to the State Department.
  • Streamline workflows with the integration of multiple customer service systems to handle disconnect/non-pay situations and execute meter reading tasks efficiently.
  • Leverage Preventative Maintenance and robust reporting for Hydrant and Valve maintenance teams.
  • Monitor water quality effectively with real-time tracking features.
  • Maintain safety standards with advanced cross-connection management and violation tracking tools.

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Functions & Features

  • Optimized Performance Monitoring
  • Strategic Initiatives Alignment
  • Seamless GIS Mapping Integration
  • Cost-Effective & High-Impact Solutions
  • Comprehensive Executive Dashboard
  • Unified Workorder & CMMS Integration
  • Advanced Analytics & Inspection Features
  • Full iOS & Android Compatibility