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Wastewater collection's supervisor couldn't keep track with the daily activities performed in his department. Auditors were asking for spill reports that took him hours to produce, and directors were inquiring for monthly job cost reports as well as jetted and t.v.'d footage totals per zone. In addition, customer job completions were not being communicated back thoroughly to citizens, leaving the Public Works secretaries bombarded with phone calls. HiperWeb provided the supervisor with real-time warehouse, monthly tasks, and spill performance reports needed while monitoring the health of his department. He was finally able to control his inventory and manage vendor quotations and purchase orders.The status of customer jobs were easily updated and communicated back and forth between Wastewater and Customer Service. The supervisor stopped worrying about compiling information needed for his executives and now focuses on the performance of his jobs at hand.

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  • Performance Measurement
  • Strategically Linked
  • Google & GIS Mapping
  • Cost Effective & Powerful
  • Executive Dashboard
  • C.I.S. & CMMS Workorder
  • Powerful Analytics + Inspection
  • iPhone & Android App