Hiperweb's NPDES Stormwater Compliance Module equips users with powerful reporting and inspection tools, specifically designed to ensure compliance with stormwater management regulations. Field inspectors can effortlessly document site inspections directly in the module, capturing key data such as BMP performance, catch basin conditions, and illicit discharge observations. Integrated with mobile technology, users can upload documents directly from the field and inspect structures in real-time. Furthermore, the system has customized reporting capabilities, allowing immediate generation of detailed reports geared directly for the NPD. The Hiperweb NPDES Stormwater Compliance Module not only facilitates compliance with environmental standards but also aids in swiftly identifying potential areas of concern, ensuring the sustainable management of your stormwater systems.

  • Hiperweb's Stormwater Compliance Module redefines how stormwater utilities can proactively manage their operations. Seamlessly organize site inspections, monitor Best Management Practices (BMPs), swiftly track and resolve site deficiencies, and build a reliable audit trail of inspections. This powerful tool is designed to integrate smoothly with MS Office to generate comprehensive MS4 annual reports.
  • By offering this platform to developers, owners, and construction companies, government agencies can establish a consistent, online central data repository for program enforcement. Achieve operational clarity, minimize risk, and enhance program effectiveness by comparing activities and metrics by location, contractor, or required task.
  • Our module takes a forward-thinking approach to stormwater management, providing the essential tools for strategic decision making and ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory demands.

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Functions & Features

  • Efficient NPDES Compliance Tracking
  • Real-time Monitoring of Stormwater Networks
  • Comprehensive Catch Basin and Outfall Management
  • Integrated Mapping and GIS Features
  • Advanced BMP Inventory and Maintenance
  • Detailed Illicit Discharge Reporting and Tracking
  • Effective Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Efficient Public Education and Outreach Tools
  • Comprehensive Record Keeping for Audits
  • Integrated Weather Data and Forecasting
  • Rapid Incident Response and Resolution
  • Advanced Data Security and Privacy
  • Customizable Reports and Dashboards
  • Efficient Task and Work Order Management
  • Scalable for Systems of Any Size
  • Streamlined Communication Features