Hiperweb's Backflow Preventer Module simplifies the management of backflow prevention systems. Providing a central hub for all relevant information, this module allows users to efficiently monitor, record, and manage backflow devices and any related violations. With a secure portal, testers can submit their findings, leaving users with the simple task of reviewing and approving test results. The module also manages tester certifications, equipment, and expiration dates while providing a system for generating and tracking warning and violation letters. Experience a seamless, automated approach to backflow prevention with Hiperweb today.

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Functions & Features

  • Comprehensive Backflow Device Management
  • Real-time Tracking of Warnings & Violations
  • Tester Certification and Kit Tracking
  • Mass Generation of Warning and Violation Letters
  • Rapid Approval/Rejection of Test Results
  • Compliance Status Monitoring
  • Detailed Analytics Dashboard
  • Multi-platform Compatibility: Web, iPhone & Android
  • Certification Expiry Notifications
  • Dedicated Tester Portal
  • Easy Integration with Other Systems
  • Enhanced Data Security and Privacy
  • Customizable Reports and Dashboards
  • Efficient Customer Management
  • Streamlined Communication Features
  • Scalable for Systems of Any Size