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Effective Gas Utility Work and Asset Management

Immediately comply with reporting and repair requirements for gas leaks and odor complaints, as well as manage gas main installations and replacements to reach compliance for PSC rules and regulations. Track maintenance on main and service installations, replacements, and repairs. Using the gas leak management reporting system, immediately comply with PSC for your 7100 reporting. HiperWeb offers the most cost-effective solutions for billing Interfaces, GIS Integration, Job Completion, Scheduling & Planning, Meter Replacement, Valve Maintenance, and Field Inspections. Get out-of-box inspections for CP Test Stations, Regulator Station Inspection, Pipeline Patrolling, and Excess Flow Valve Inspections. With compliance reporting, auto-generate Gas Leak Cause Reports and establish effective lean maintenance strategies.

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  • Performance Measurement
  • Strategically Linked
  • Google & GIS Mapping
  • Cost Effective & Powerful
  • Executive Dashboard
  • C.I.S. & CMMS Workorder
  • Powerful Analytics + Inspection
  • iPhone & Android Compatible