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The Planning and Review department needed to be effectively and consistently notified when certain phases in the plan and review process were achieved in order to provide customers with the necessary and immediate information as quick as possible to avoid delays within the review process. With HiperWeb, the department could easily track and manage each project's phases. From monitoring turnaround time for plan reviews, the department was able to effectively increase communication between separate contractors, owners, and departments. This greatly increased the department's service to their customers. Because of the new streamlined processes, the Planning & Review department was able to focus on key performance indicators to help them achieve consistent valuable results and focus on continuing to improve their image to all clients.

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Functions & Features

  • Performance Measurement
  • Strategically Linked
  • Google & GIS Mapping
  • Cost Effective & Powerful
  • Executive Dashboard
  • C.I.S. & CMMS Workorder
  • Powerful Analytics + Inspection
  • iPhone & Android Compatible