Fleet/Vehicle Maintenance



Hiperweb's Fleet Maintenance Module provides you with an advanced and comprehensive functions and features to manage every aspect of your fleet operations. Our module allows you to significantly increase your fleet's performance, lifespan, and operational efficiency.

Planning & Scheduling: At the core of our Fleet Maintenance Module is the planning and scheduling functionality, which lets you schedule regular vehicle maintenance and repairs efficiently. With this feature, you can ensure that each vehicle in your fleet is operating at peak performance, thus reducing unexpected breakdowns and unnecessary costs.

Inventory Control: Our Fleet Maintenance Module is integrated directly with our Inventory Control module and helps streamline inventory processes with integrated barcode functionality. Our out of the box barcode capabilities allows you to quickly scan and track parts as they move in and out of your inventory, helping you to maintain optimal inventory levels and reduce the time wasted in searching for parts.

Mobile Capabilities: Efficiency is also achieved through our mobile apps for mechanics. These apps for iOS and Android allow your mechanics to receive, update, and close work orders directly from their mobile devices, regardless of where they are. By reducing the amount of paperwork, the module improves overall productivity and reduces errors.

Warranties:Moreover, the Hiperweb Fleet Maintenance Module diligently tracks your complete maintenance records and warranties for every vehicle. This ensures that you are always prepared for any audits or inspections. This feature not only helps to maintain compliance but also assists in identifying potential issues before they become problems, contributing to the longevity of your fleet.

Lifecycle Analysis & Reporting:Lifecycle analysis and vehicle performance reporting are other powerful features of our module. With these, you gain valuable insights into the usage, cost, and efficiency of each vehicle in your fleet. These insights can guide your decisions about when to retire or replace vehicles, when to schedule preventative maintenance, and how to improve efficiency.

Overall, Hiperweb's Fleet Maintenance Module provides a powerful and efficient solution for managing all aspects of fleet operations. From planning and scheduling to inventory management, work order handling, and comprehensive record keeping - our module has got you covered. Experience the power of optimized fleet management with Hiperweb.

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Functions & Features

  • Comprehensive Vehicle Maintenance Tracking
  • Inventory Management with Barcode Integration
  • Mobile Work Order Management
  • Advanced Lifespan Analysis
  • Automated Repair Scheduling
  • Warranty Tracking & Management
  • Preparation for Inventory Audits
  • Mechanic Activity Tracking
  • Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard
  • Vehicle Performance Tracking
  • Collaborative Tools for Enhanced Teamwork
  • Cloud-based, Accessible Anywhere
  • Role-based Access for Enhanced Security
  • External Request Integration
  • Cost-effective and Powerful
  • iPhone & Android Compatibility