They promise. We show and deliver: Communicate Effectively

HiperWeb's Project module lets you manage a project's constructions, funding, and permits. Communicate effectively between departments and contractors so redundancy and miscommunication does not occur. With construction, fund, and permit tracking, we can help you track the correct information needed to fulfill your organization's goals. Also, it's perfect for FEMA project reimbursement.

Plan Review
Provide better communication between departments on projects and eliminate the potenitial misplacing of key documents by uploading plan reviews.

Prevent miscommunication and estasblish efficiency by gaining the ability to notify every employee and/or contractor working on the project by easily updating the status of it. This step by step notification system targets transparency and shows accountability making it very easy to determine what actions must be completed to go onto the next step of the project.

Eliminate redundancy between departments by tracking the funding of the project. No matter if two departments are working together on the same part of a project or doing completely different parts, the system easily combines and/or separates the financials of the project.

Missing permit deadlines can be a major setback for a project. Track and organize needed permits, in order to complete the project on-time.