Citizen Engagement Provides efficient services

The City Manager needed to provide Citizens of the community with a way to track their request for issues. Whether the originated source was from online, an app, or the City Staff, the manager could not find anyone to provide integration of these processes into his existing work order systems. HiperWeb provided a means for citizens to track the progess of their requests, receive email alerts about their requests, privately submit a request without publishing any personal information, and attach images to their request. These services were also provided in an iPhone and Android app for the city. HiperWeb allowed the City Staff to remove a request, block delinquent requestors, view the requests from a layer in their GIS Maps, create priority work orders from a request, and flag critical requests for council and city managers. With HiperWeb, the City Manager was relieved to find that they could now efficiently engage and communicate to the community's citizens.

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  • Performance Measurement
  • Strategically Linked
  • Google & GIS Mapping
  • Cost Effective & Powerful
  • Executive Dashboard
  • C.I.S. & CMMS Workorder
  • Powerful Analytics + Inspection
  • iPhone & Android Compatible